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Secure tablet sleeve


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No protection is going to stop everything. Being cautious is best.


I did this to stop tablet snatchers. Both when walking and using.


Wife taught me the right way to carry tablet sleeve - sleeve on right side (I'm right handed), strap over head on left shoulder. Can't be grabbed off.


The sleeve holds everything - Tablet - 9 position stand, Bluetooth keyboard, mini-mouse (stole from Mickey), wrist strap and two layers of foam padding to  things.


The 2nd one shows the sleeve and strap, with wrist strap attached to loop.


The white line is stainless steel cable. It is  threaded through shoulder strap, sleeve and also made into sleeve loops to stop them from being cut.


The 3rd one is the back of the tablet - superglued hand / thumb strap - makes it much easier to hold - less chance of dropping - the tear drop shape is a holder I took off old phone holster, the strap is adjustable and allows for both vertical and horizontal viewing - also when eating in fast food place or outside it has enough slack to allow using both hands but still attached to wrist.






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