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American ex-pats and the Affordable Health Care act

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why would anyone on medicare opt out of B? use your brain,B cost very little,around $100.00 for the average person per month,you can use it in guam or hawaii and of course the usa.You should never let go of health insurance,one day you will need it and wish you had kept part B.If you are that broke where you cant afford $1200.00 a year for health insurance from medicare part B then you will have a very hard time making it in the ph.

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move your home of record to Guam  and hope over and get a Guam DL.  Guam no sALES TAX and no TERRITORIAL TAX.  The Guam DL gives you relief from state sales tax when you purchase items on the mainlan

I don't believe it matters what countries you visit as long as you aren't in the US more 30 days a year.

Exactly.  No need to bother with state taxes once you live here.


Medicare part B, you old guys can ask me in 10 years ?


Again ACA is  only in effect if you spend 35 or more days a year in the U.S.. If you spend 60 days for example will they pro rate it ? I don't know. I need to call them again regarding if the 35 days is in full effect in 2014 or will it  kick in 2015. I know you are required to have a policy in place by March 31   and the policy needs to start at  May 1 at the latest.  I'll post it up even if nobody wants to know.

obama just changed the rules again today on obummercare before he flew to hawaii to get some sun.Before its all said and done bummers gonna change many rules so just be aware of this as it changes weekly.

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I may be wrong but is there not suppose to be a $14,000 deductible? And if so how does this insurance actually help the average health problem?


You will still have to pay for everything on your own as if you actually had no insurance at all.

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