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Anyone with recent knowledge of R&R carenderia in Guadalupe Cebu City?

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Thanks, man, truly! 


Hasn't changed much over the years. He used to have one fish tank in the wall, just up from where the tank sits in the back of the place. 


He had his heart and soul in that main aquarium in the back, though. It was magical, just to look at. I can imagine the staff doing that, and not realizing it was quite a sensitive salt water aquarium. They probably just filled it with tap water. If they did, I can assure you, that is why it is empty. God, that would probably kill ol' Roland, if he knew that. :( 


I think Rose had a son, if I recall. He would be grown by now.


Her sister used to work there as well. You could certainly tell they were sisters. Neither were small women. Rose used to wear "stacked" slippers, making her several inches taller, due to her being so short. An absolute lovely woman, though, and a heart of gold. 


Wonderful memories at R & R Carenderia, for sure. 

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