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Please Define These Terms (in your own words)


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I know that you can go to Wikipedia or any of the online dictionaries to get the actual definitions for these terms, but what I want  is how YOU define them in your own mind (so don't look them up before you put down your answers). I'm guessing that a lot of people define Please DON'T rag on others for their definitions. Also, please DON'T give examples (such as specific politicians or world leaders that you think fit your definition of the term). I DON'T want this to turn into a political argument. If it does, then it will be moved into a restricted forum, and I would rather not have that happen.









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Conservative: Liberal: Libertarian: Totalitarian:


1. Conservative: believes in the rule of law for the good of the individual and hence society;


2. Liberal: believes in the rule of law to control the individual and hence society;


3. Libertarian: believes in the rule of law of the individual that has the least impact on society; and


4. Totalitarian: believes there is one law to rule them all.

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1. Conservative: "If it is not necessary to change, it is necessary not to change." Prefers the tried and true over the new and untried; risk averse, cautious; thorough and meticulous both when considering new ideas and executing new ideas (when it is necessary to change). At bottom, believes that there is nothing essentially new under the sun. Believes in freedom---up to a point.


2. Liberal: Believes it is generally best to let things rip, that the market (liberal economics) or the people will best determine the merits of the results and adjust accordingly. Does not believe in abiding realities, and so is willing to experiment on a scale that the conservative (who does) would consider to be insane. Is a great believer in freedom, but, without the clearly marked boundaries of the conservative of tradition and religion, will attempt to draw the line where individual good contradicts public good. This is done with a lot of angst, as the deepest beliefs of the liberal are murky and in a state of flux.


3. Libertarian: This is where the ex-hippies ended up. They do not believe in original sin, and so they believe that anarchy is feasible.


4. Totalitarian: Believes that man can make a plan, and make all men obey the plan; and that the human race needs to be disciplined and trimmed to fit the plan, and that the plan is good. Sometimes, often, the plan gets substituted by a man who is almost worshiped as the greatest executor of the plan.

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Conservative: Believes in personal responsibility


2. Liberal: Does not believe in personal responsibility


3. Libertarian: Believes in nothing


4. Totalitarian: Muslim

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Conservative: you know best what to do with your money


Liberal:government knows best what to do with your money


Libertarian:you know best how to live your life


Totalitarian:government knows best how to live your life

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