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exploding glass

no one

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Haven't you heard of DURALEX tempered glass? I already posted a blog link of the reason why a tempered glass can explode and i experienced it once when i was a kid and for you to think Duralex glasses is not available in the Philippines is somewhat  ignorant.

Yes, as well to think that one is likely to buy imported from France Duralex Picarde Glasses for P15 seems at least equally as ignorant!

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Mr. Mike


"Glass" generally refers to a transparent matrix, usually soda-lime and silica (Pyrex has its own formula, which is a fluid, having no true molecular bonds. It just so happens that at the temperatures at which humans can survive, it behaves as if it were a solid. Glass needs to be tempered and/or annealed, heating and cooling treatments to reduce internal stress and resist rapid temperature shifts. The key to this matrix surviving is a pristine surface. When the martix is cooling from the molten state, the surface forms an hard, glossy "enamel" resistent to chemical interaction. However, if this enamel is disrupted, the matrix will begin preferentially bonding with oxygen and water molecules. And as this bonding continues, a "discontinuity" in the fluid begins to form, and propagate.
And eventually, usually under stress (such as rapid temperature shift, vibrations, a good hit), but sometimes simply due to the development of this disassociation over time, the glass will arrive at a critical point and fail. The glass enamel is ruptured by inpact, repeated frictive contact with other glass, nesting is not a really good thing, and is easily disrupted by contact with metal. And that's why sparkling wine is bottles in new bottles, only. And why you should have that tiny chip in the windshield attend to ASAP. 

C/P. it was a MATRIX failure! :yahoo: 

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