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USA Health Care Act - Tax Credits?


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Of course if it's already so low that you can't cut an additional $600, then I see your problem.

Poor people or people with tons of kids typically already have that scenario.  Also, I'm wondering how many new rules there are that will disqualify you for your tax credit later.  I.E., you take the deductions expecting the tax credit only to have the IRS to say, "well, you farted on the 4th Tuesday of Oct, so you don't qualify for the tax credit.  You owe 10k... + penalty..... +interest...


The USA government just loves to pull crap like that.  Citizen Joe goes out and does something thinking they are set to go because his Uncle Sam said they were.  Later, Uncle Same changes his mind leaving Citizen Joe hanging in the window.  Oh well... collateral damage.

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