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Indoor Childrens' Playground

Half Baked

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Half Baked

Has anybody considered opening one of these indoor playgrounds? Either in the city or province areas?


They seem to stay pretty busy, especially on weekends and holidays.


Pro, cons?



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Yes we looked at it and my concern was that the space we wanted was not where we wanted it.


they are busier after lunch until about 7pm I reckon about 6 hours out of the 12 available are productive during the week and more at the weekend.


footfall needs to be 6 kids per hour at 210 each to cover SM mmall costs here in NCR(our basic number crunch) not counting depreciation, wages etc.


one advantage or two is that the rental does include power in SM and common area cleaning as well as Mall guards.


basic opearational head ache and it is a BIGGIE is to  ensure that the children are collected by their legal guardians. there can be NO margin for error on this one

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