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Lonestar tried to cheat me


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I don't remember reading or seeing anywhere that graheme's name has been mentioned in anything to do with p*ssy cats... just poor andy and mat....i have met mat a few times seems like a good guy and andy is a top bloke.....     no where have i seen any mention of graheme anywhere concerning anything to do with p*ssy cats.......     

I know all these guys and please lets not start rumors about people..... also we have all been in this country a bloody long time and I have had mistakes at all most every single place I go to on a regular basis...

Graheme is not in a habit of ripping off people that come to his bars so since he is away at the moment I think u will find it more like maybe while the cats away the mice will play.....


I have noticed a lot of people trying to say a lot of bad things here about graheme and to be honest he is a mate of mine and I have seen most of the bad things people have said about him over the years and a lot of it is from people drunk at the time and having some sort of issue with his staff.....    now I am not sure how many people have managed bars... I have and you know what.... I have found that 90%( this is a figure I just made up) of complaints are from drunks that are to inebriated to even know what is going on around them but they feel they have been insulted or put out in someway....


If you have a problem with your bill... approach him ... dont be a d*ck and he will sort it out for you as he is a bloody good bar manger and he does understand word of mouth and he does look after customers..... if u are a problem customer well..... anyone that has managed a bar before knows that u can't please these people.

Please do not bad mouth or implicate him anymore in the p*ssycats raid... which we all know is all bulshit anyway....     I really do hate it when people say things about people when they have no way to defend themselves.....( to me I find it an insult to bitch about people when they are not around to defend themselves and it belittles yourself more then anyone else).


If i had a problem with a business.... i sure as hell would be approaching the owner and seeing if I can get it sorted before winging  about it and it sounds to me like u did get it sorted anyway.... mistakes happen.

Stop bitching about someone and instead do it to their face.....   it what we men do.... women on the other hand love to bitch

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Excuse me what does 3.00 have to do with it? I signed for one price then they raised it at the end when i was paying. Thats cheating. By the way your maid just steals a little like 3.00 out of your pant pocket once in a while is that ok? Stealing or cheating no matter howvmuch is wrong.

Well I have seen a man stabbed to death over the placement of a quarter on a pool table, it wasn't stealing it was just the principle of the thing. I saw a man shot between the eyes because someone did not like the way he was looked at, it was just the principle of the thing. I have seen good friends fight and never speak to each other again over $5. So excuse me if you don't like that I simply hate to see hard feeling over $3, I guess with me it is just the principle of the thing. Could this had simply been an honest mistake and the employees of the establishment were just inept? Is that also not a possibility? Could you simply take the bill of the over-charge back to the establishment when the owner of manager was there and get it resolved? Odds are they would refund the money and give you a complimentary drink as an apology. Did you do this? Did you try to give them the opportunity to make it right?


Or did you pitch a royal fit, make a scene, and get the funds returned that very night? Did you get it resolved that very night? Did they give you back your money when you realized the overcharge? Did you not also start a thread to try to punish the man's business even more?


So what next? You going to go back and key his car, try to run him over with your vehicle, or perhaps send out assassins on motorcycles? What's exactly is enough? What resolves the issue with you? Just how important is your $3? At what point does your point simply has no point? IT IS STILL ONLY $3......simply feel vindicated and just let it go.....

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Posts are nice to read when lucid minds are working. They are informative, entertaining, and enlightening.

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Kabisay-an gid

I just hate seeing hard feelings develop over what is approximately $3.


It's the principle. I don't think a "mistake" was made on the part of the bargirls, I believe they were trying to charge him a "Kano" tax. It's dishonest at best.


I had several public transportation employees and a Cebu hotel employee try to charge me a Kano tax when I was in the Phils again this past March/April. I called them on it and refused to pay, and prevailed each time.


I don't blame the OP a bit, but he should've omitted his comments regarding the owner. There's a good reason charges are signed for. Even if it was an honest mistake, the establishment should honor the amount he signed for without hesitation.

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I don't think a "mistake" was made on the part of the bargirls, I believe they were trying to charge him a "Kano" tax. It's dishonest at best.


I wouldn't speculate on these matters if you did not personally witness it there… I was there last Sat and Sun where other bars were said to be raided… I could easily add up the bills I signed without help of a calc (but one could always use his cellphone if needed) and as far as I am concerned they did not make any errors…


I don’t even know why people can “discuss” one person’s one time experience as if there was a systematic “cheating” at the place... However, I would gladly pay $3 or $30, even cheated just get out the place safe and never go back, but personally I have never been cheated in the Philippines (I don’t go to any “shady” places either, even though my help is always close by)…


I wouldn’t call the waitresses “bargirls” either, I am told they are different categories of employees…

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I completely agree with your post. 


We were not there. We do not know. This was a one off that happened. We can speculate all we want. But, I can assure you of one thing, if any regular customer went into that bar and informed the owner of having been over charged for something, he would do something about it, posthaste. 


And, apparently, some of you have never been to a bar in Cebu. If you have, you obviously have not paid attention. Wait staff are not bar girls. They are waitresses. 


I don't think much more can be stated about this thread. 

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