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IOS 7 Is Here - What Do You Think About It?

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Salty Dog

Just upgraded my iPad to IOS 7. Quite a change. I downloaded two free books:


iPad User Guide for IOS 7

Guide to IOS 7


The Guide to IOS 7 is a nice quick overview of the many changes.


Those of you that have it, what do you think so far?


The New and Improved Control Center



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Too soon to tell.  There are differences between devices (iPod versus iPad and which model can make a difference).


Have noticed significant difference in battery life, so I will make some adjustments to turn off features which are not needed.


Very attractive compared to the iOS6 formats.  Photos app is taking some getting used to.  The way the photos get organized seems like it will be useful, but a bit awkward for now.


I was frustrated by the podcasts "disappearing", but finally opted to use the Apple Podcast app and it is so so.


I did discover an odd problem when I would sync.  If I attempted to view podcasts in iTunes (the tab alongside iTunes U) it would freeze.  I discovered an simple fix.  Shut off wifi.


I like access to the control center, though on at least one game I have to avoid dragging it open.  I know I can turn it off temporarily, but just too lazy.


As always, it was a no-brainer to download and install.  I didn't need an IT engineering degree to figure it out.


So far I like it and glad I got it.  

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