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PLDT finally installed my fiber

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I have the 5.8K package includes IPTV (cignal), Phone and Internet


Prices are found on their site here: http://pldthome.com/surf/fibr/about


Cool! You have now been voted the official downloader for the forum. All you need now is a flock of carrier pigeons and some lightweight USB thumb drives. This will greatly speed up the spread of information to those of us who have extremely slow connections. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.  :lol:



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I got a big surprise 3 weeks ago when i accepted the hand over of my new Manila 2 Bedroom Condo, the surprise was that as far as internet and pay TV was concerned i had a choice between PLDT Fibre and nothing, not surprisingly i chose the Fibre and thus just 16 days after the application was submitted my Fibre net connection was installed...no Cignal TV yet.


The Fibre connection is heaven, real time, fluid, full screen video chatting with my significant other, no lag or jerkyness, completely different to what we have been putting up with for the last 2 years in crappy cafes etc etc...im still a bit stunned it was so easy and cheap...the whole condo development of 1200 units got a special deal due to the developers exclusivity deal with PLDT, any speed limits we want for much lower monthly payments, as im not living in the condo i figured that 3Mbps would be sufficient and turns out i was correct.


Equipment picture below...1700P per month with free local calls, unlimited 3Mbps.



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I just tried that Irvine, CA from Cebu, just for grins.



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Until last month i was living in a new condo in Ayala business center. A few months ago, representatives from pldt came to my building to ask me if i was interested in a fiber internet access. They could'nt give me specifics like prices, speed etc so I said maybe, give me the informations first and we'll see. 2 month later i received my pldt bill for the adsl and landline with php5000 overcharge. When i complained at the PLDT mabolo office they explained that the php 5000 was for the material upgrade to receive the fiber access. I told them i never ordered anything for heaven sake! They told me ok but now it will take 2 month for the manila office to process their error. In the mean time, they kept calling me everyday early in the morning to ask me to pay the php5000. I hate this company. I had outages that lasted for weeks, it took them 1 month to set up my adsl access and their technicians are useless.


Very reminiscent of utility commodity contracts and the not so subtle art of slamming...

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I thought you had to live in NCR to get good internet?


You can get fibr in Davao and Cebu, but there's only like 6 places listed as having the service.

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I live in south metro NCR and PLDT is utter Pants

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