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Withdrawing money while in the Philippines

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I have been using western union to send to myself in the Philippines for a few years now when ever im stuck.

Normally i just subscribe to a vpn company for the duration i am over and before i log into the western union Ireland site i log into the vpn server to get a Irish IP address 

that will get past the western security checks and your good to go.

For me its better then paying the crazy card fees from my bank in Ireland+ plus the amount isnt capped 

You might have trouble finding a working atm in the Philippines , but you wont have any problems finding a western union that's for sure :) .

I also use another company called world remit, they cover M Lhuillier and Cebuana Lhuillier world remit also have the option of having the money delivered to your home address.

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wells fargo has a special acct to transfer money overseas to be picked up at the pawn shop or BPI no fee for you from wells  less then one peso per dollar on the bank side must do at the branch in per

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