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Mindanao Escape Map

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something along these lines cept thinner and with a top and bottom of course



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So where are you supposed to escape to anyway?


The map shows the distances and headings of sea routes to Australia.


Follow Doug to Oz seems to have been the game plan.

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I don't have any suggestion for you map.


I did recently finish an interesting book on the Philippines/WW II:



The flag you have may you have may very well have been commissioned as a result of the prison break in that book...

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Maybe it isn't silk. I just assumed so. Very soft but maybe due to age and wear.


Going by the link you provided it is most likely made out of rayon with a very small chance of it being made out of rejected parachute silk. 


As typical of most military items, it was over-built and thoroughly tested (again, going by the info in the link you provided) which is a good thing and probably the reason why it has lasted for so long.


Enjoy your piece of U.S. history. If I had it, I certainly would.  

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