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Need cheap, basic laptop computer

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Well, the family who lives waaayyyyyy out in So. Leyte just told me their laptop went belly-up. Sigh.  Maybe fixable, but dealing with it over the phone (from U.S.), with a non-computer person, is next to impossible.


Anyone got a simple windows-based laptop for sale?  Literally, the only thing that is needed is internet access (Explorer) and a cam for Skype.  Nothing else is needed or used.  Maybe 2 gb DRAM and 250-ish HDD memory?  


Don't wanna spend much... I'm looking for something you've had put away for awhile and would consider selling now. If it doesn't have a built in cam, I could get a USB-cam... so that's not a major issue.


Thanks! Send me a message if you got something.


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