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Looking for a decent 32" or above flat screen tv.

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Anyone have one for sale? It has to have HDMI input. Or, how much should I expect to spend one a new one? Where should I go to buy one? I just arrived in Talisay last night.



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We got our 32" LG tv at Robinson's (upstairs in the appliance center.

It was marked down from P21,995 to 16,995, but I talked them into accepting 15,995.

They love to haggle on the price there and if you do it politely, they give a bigger discount.

Haggling is sort of a game most places in Cebu, try it, you'll probably like it.

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Try asian home appliance, Gaisano Grand Fiesta Mall, Tabunok, Talisay

and just accross from there is CDR-king, you can try have a look there first

it is on the second floor



Here is the map



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