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Clubs for the gentle man


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My wife wanted to go to a strip club. We looked last time we where here but only find lady bars.  Every day on our way home from the gym we see club ferrari.  It had a sign that said sexy dancers wanted.. I noticed as I have been alot. There really isnt "sexy" dancers in smaller cities.


I didnt want to go but we went anyway because she wanted to go.  She had such a good time. Me not so much. As always skinny girls that need a meal. Standing on stage bored..looking as sexy as I would look up there.. plumbers crack and all..   


Maybe its just me.. but butt cleavage on a girl is still plumbers crack..


The manager told her to  try a place called SK2. 

Is there any places that are close to having a strip club feel?

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Most strip clubs in Cebu are not strip clubs, but just meat markets, as you've experienced, and not very entertaining for the committed guy.


Some of the more expensive places have "performers", I think Jaguar is one of those places, but its been years since iv been there. There is one in Mandaue(sp?) that has a catwalk, and does some performing. Cant recall the name ??


On a side note, the best strip clubs I have ever been to are in Windsor(the Canadian side of Detroit). It was highly entertaining, acrobatic, and erotic at the same time.

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