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Opthalmologist (Eye Doctor)


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Hello All,


I'm traveling to the Philippines (Cebu and Manila) in November.  I have an eye condition that requires treatment by an opthalmologist (eye doctor) who is a retinal specialist.  If I need to see a doctor while I am in the Philippines, who are som of the best opthalmologists in Cebu and Manila?  Thanks in advance for your help.

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My GP recently referred me to Bienvenido Cimafranca at the Eye Institute at Chong Hua. I have only thus far had an exam and a preliminary consultation, but I was pleased with the facilities at the Eye Institute which seem to be up to the latest standards, and with his professionalism. I don't think (from the link) that he is a retinal specialist, though. You could check on that, or the Eye Institute will probably have another doctor in that specialty.


Chong Hua is in most instances as good as it gets in Cebu, but to be honest, you will almost certainly have a wider choice of top-flight doctors and facilities in Manila.

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I had an ulcer on my cornea that needed treating, it was quite serious actually and I could have potentially gone blind from it if it hadn't been. It was diagnosed in Ormoc, he could have treated it there. it is not difficult to treat, but I decided to head over to Cebu to kill the time there - I knew I would have to do without wearing my contact lens at all for at least 2 weeks while it healed and therefore would be almost blind during that time. I figured that Cebu would be a better place to be not least because I had a girlfriend there who would be able to administer the drops better than I could and look after me generally. The first doc in Ormoc referred me to a female optician at the Doctor's Hospital. I have had loads of opticians over the years from when I was a kid and she was totally competent, as was he. Both of them spotted my one-in-a-thousand eye condition immeadiately, without any prompting from me. Perhaps you could go to either of these hospitals and ask to see the opthamologist, I am sure they will refer to a specialist if they feel that you really do need one. Bring information from your doctor at home about what your condition is.

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I have been going to Chong Hua  for 2 years now seeing Dr Jeffry Lim and Dr Janice Lim. for treatment of ongoing condition from shingles in the eye. Dr Jeffry is a retina specialist. He had some advance education at Stanford and in Toronto. I suppose they are about as good as it gets here.

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