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Do you live in Poverty?


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My daughter and I just had pancit, it's more like stir fry chicken with vegetables and a little noodles. We had soda for dessert plus a big, juicy orange for me and a cup of greek yogurt sprinkled with flaxseed and blueberry granola for my daughter. I'm sure it's less than $10 dollars for a tasty healthy meal and we can only eat half of the pancit. You can eat well, healthy and save when you cook. 


To save I usually buy when chicken and fish  are on sale. When Walmart or Albertsons has a sale for chicken and meat I buy in large quantities divide them  in sizes for  stir fry, stewing or for frying. I also buy  vegetables and fruits that are in season. We usually indulge on the weekends not minding calories or cost. We cook steaks, shrimps, crabs or for $20 you can go to the casino for buffet where they have oysters, prime rib, lobsters and crabs. For dessert they have the chocolate covered pineapple and strawberries that I love. Usually we go to sushi places and have green tea or taro ice creams. Once in a while we go to a nice restaurant and eat what we want. 

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You gotta have guns  or the poor people  will break into your house and steal your twinkies and frozen pizzas, chocolate milk, and soda pop.   It's called 'survival of the  un-fittest'.

I think there should be an addendum to the definition of poverty:  if you're overweight you're not in poverty.    Seriously, how could a 300 lb person be poor?  Downsize to a double cheeseburger for

We are the first nation in the history of the world to go to the poor house in an automobile. will rogers

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