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Skype performance?

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well a used SKYPE everyday to AUSTRALIA ,FRANCE and GUADELOUPE in the PACIFIC most the time very good maybe video a little blurry my brother did chat with me last night at midnight from FRANCE  was perfect .a have PLTD up to 5 mbp cannot complaint to much but PLTD add then add more customer on the line then sometime when everybody on line the speed drop so badly all on the verge of collapse but that PHILIPPINES 


Internet service in the Phils is on the verge of break down. PLDT is still pretty good. They must be having some server issues that the throughput is slow.

More and more people want DSL and that is overload to PLDT. Especially that they go waaaay beyond the mileage limit for a DSL. Maybe they are using boosters or converters to get onto fiber to the Central office.

Smart Bro isn't any faster than the old dial-up days of 56kbs. Poor installations and poor signals are killing any Wi-Fi service there.

Skype has been fair to good for me (USA) and Manila......Gets really tricky to Skype to someone in Mindanao.

Skype is still the better video chat. Yahoo video is awful.

Is there any internet offerings on any cable service there? That 's where the Phils can shine. We get 25mbs down and 3 up on our Comcast cable in the USA.


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