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USA Police Clearance

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I'm looking for information about obtaining a police clearance from USA for permanent residence visa requirement. Does anybody have a story about how they got theirs, including how long it took? I'm looking for the easiest and fastest way even if it costs more money.

Thanks in advance for the info.

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Thanks Skyman,

I'm actually hoping to hear from people who actually obtained acceptable police clearance from USA, how they did it and how long it took.

I've been getting conflicting theoreticals from immigration/consulate, so I want to hear from those who have done it.

- P

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I wrote the post above. Getting the police clearance all together took about 6 weeks. But, if you eliminate the mistakes that were made in the process, it could have been done in maybe 3 weeks. If you need any more information about my experience, let me know.

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