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Inventory of foreigners

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Until a little girl is murdered in your area and they come looking for you because another child saw a white guy do it. You are really naive if you think collection of expat's private information won

The police have always directed the gangs towards which houses to rob in certain areas of the Phils ....that supplements their poor salaries ...never give them any information about what is inside you

I'm not demanding privacy, I'm asking for a memorandum / law / authority that is requesting private information. Giving out this information to people out of uniform with no government ID is DANGEROUS

One thing to note is that the form, besides not having any official designation, is that it asks for Purok.  To my knowledge Purok is not an official designation but only a church designation with so many puroks making up a parish.  I wonder if the church is looking for a list of places to hit up for donations.

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i dont get it lol 

if you was at home and police would just stopped by to ask you tons of stuff and fill out forms while you at your home im sure you would have tole them to go f off 

but while you here you think its a good idea for any one just to come to your house get your info 

if there is no law for it than they have no right to do so 

i dont care what they need it for 

and if it is emigration related than they need to send emigration officer with the pnp or what ever 


Yearning to be a guest of the gov't are ya??

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