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Money Talk Rules

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01/  No criticism of others investments, strategies or tactics.
02/  No comments on how others treat their tax liabilities if any. 
03/  ACTIVE Investors only.
04/  This is a forum to share experience and 'know how' in terms of what on-line facilities to use, how they work and problems encountered and over come.
05/ Jurisdictions and how to overcome the difficulties of getting on line.
06/ No one has to share strategy or tactics, so if asked and they say no thanks, then it is a done deal.
07/  This is not a forum for professional financial advise, if you need that then engage a qualified financial advisor.
08/  Never invest what you cannot afford to lose.
09/  If you follow another investors path and it goes wrong it is your responsibility and not theirs.
10/  Investments can go Up as well as Down and Down as well as UP.

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