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Crime in your area?

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.Filipino's are scared shit of dogs.


Thats why I always bark aggressively anytime there may be trouble.


I'm kind of like the Pied Piper of dogs. Any time I leave the house I have at least 1 dog trailing me, be it a neighbor dog or a stray....of which I've befriended many. Maybe thats why I don't have trouble here. They are worried about retribution from my 4 legged friends.


But in all seriousness a dog is quite good for security (we have a small German Sheperd mutt). I also picked up some motion sensor alarms. Ace sells them for somewhere around p1k and they work very good. Although I've never had a thief set one off...only a tapay-tapay (huntsman spider) once.  Don't buy the CDR King ones...the one I bought was horrible.

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And he's still at it. Ridiculous. I'm starting to suspect someone is leaving the door unlocked. Cough cough helper.

Are shot bun's loaded with rock cakes?

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just be sure to be the biggest criminal in your area and you will be ok


pretty rare to see a news story about a mugger getting mugged

It was suggested to me that I invite a well known criminal around for a few beers. That would ensure no one else would bother me. Edited by hyaku
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Crime in my immeadiate local area? ....well I think somebody had a lawn mower go missing from a garden a few years back ....they thought it might be kids. Other than that nothing I'm aware of.

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here is my new fence it works well except i keep forgetting to bring the key to unlock it post-35-0-36833700-1378439728_thumb.jpg

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