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Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this story


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ABS-CBN talent raped twice before killed, suspect claims
By Reinir Padua, The Philippine Star

Posted at 11/13/2012 1:20 AM | Updated as of 11/13/2012 1:20 AM


MANILA, Philippines - A suspect in the abduction and killing
of Julie Ann Rodelas has told investigators that the model and
television talent was raped twice to teach her a lesson, and was only
killed because she recognized her friend’s boyfriend as one of her

Jaymar Waradje, in an affidavit he issued after his arrest, bared the details of the events he claims led to the killing.

Rodelas’ friend and fellow model, Althea Altamirano, earlier admitted
that the plan was “to teach (Rodelas) a lesson” for reportedly
spreading rumors that Altamirano already has two children.

Out of control

Chief Superintendent Mario dela Vega, director of the Quezon City Police
District (QCPD), has a theory on what happened. “It might have been a
move that went out of control that the only way they could get out of it
was to kill her,” Dela Vega said in an interview yesterday.

Chief Inspector Rodel Marcelo, head of the QCPD Criminal
Investigation and Detection Unit, said it appeared there was no plan to
kill the victim.

“(Fernando) Quiambao (Jr.) was just recognized by the victim,” Marcelo said. Quiambao is Altamirano’s boyfriend.

According to Dela Vega, the “lesson” that was going to be “taught” to
Rodelas was probably just to rape her. “In her statement, Althea was
pointing to that rape, claiming she never thought it would come to the
point of killing her friend,” he said.

Altamirano said she told Quiambao about the “rumors” that Rodelas was “spreading.”

In his statement, Waradje even recalled the moment when they were
approached by Quiambao at around 3 p.m. on Nov. 5 at their “tarimahan”
on Lanao street in the Salam Mosque Compound.

He was then with Efren Talib when Quiambao sought their help
regarding Altamirano’s problem, referring to Rodelas as “peste sa buhay
niya (a nuisance in her life).” Waradje said they were indebted to
Quiambao and so they agreed.

‘Baby, I’ll be there’

They went around until they reached a mall in Pasay City. Hours
later, after eating and conducting a stakeout at the parking lot,
Quiambao supposedly received a text message from Altamirano.

Quiambao supposedly said: “Okay baby, nandyan na ako (I’ll be there). Just wait a minute.”

Waradje said he and Talib dragged the victim into the Mitsubishi
Montero. The plan was for them to go straight to the safehouse and so he
told Quiambao: “Jay, doon tayo sa balwarte sa amin (let’s go to our
turf).” Their faces were then covered.

Waradje said Rodelas, apparently recognizing Quiambao, pleaded for
her life: “Arjay, Jay-Ar. Sorry.” He said this “angered” Quiambao, who
accosted him for mentioning his name.

‘Please don’t’

While at the safehouse in Culiat, Talib went to a room with Rodelas,
as Waradje and Quiambao waited in another room. At one point, Rodelas
shouted, “Huwag po, huwag po (Please don’t, please don’t),” then fell

After about 10 minutes, Altamirano called up Quiambao to tell him she was at a police station to report the abduction.

Quiambao went out and left Talib behind and a certain Bob and a certain Abdibe as “lookouts.”

Waradje then went home and fell asleep until he was awakened by Bob,
who was asking why a man identified as alias Aldos was there.

When Waradje arrived there at the safehouse, it was Talib who was
outside and acting as a lookout. Inside was Aldos talking to Rodelas
while holding a .45 caliber pistol.

He told Aldos that they were told by Quiambao to look after Rodelas.
“Binilin sa amin yan ni Jay-Ar. Wag mong pakialaman (Jay-Ar left her in
our care. Don’t mess with her),” Waradje said.

Aldos, however, replied: “Ano ba problema? Ito lang ayaw nyo pa akong
pagbigyan (What’s the problem? Why don’t you grant me this favor)?”

Waradje responded that they were just told to look after the woman
and Aldos again answered: “Yun lang? Ako bahala doon. Itatapon nyo na
rin lang pakinabangan ko muna (That’s all? I’ll take care of it. You’re
going to throw her away, let me use her first).”

Last meal

Quiambao arrived with a burger meal from a fastfood restaurant. It
was handed to Waradje, who knocked at the door of the room where Rodelas
was kept and handed the food to the woman – a move that he said he did
to inform Aldos that Quiambao was already there.

Aldos answered: “Okay na. Tapos naman na ako (It’s okay. I’m done).”

When Aldos asked them what the plan was, Talib supposedly answered:
“Shoot to kill daw, sabi ni Jay-Ar.” At this point, Aldos told the
victim to eat the food they had bought and that she would be brought
home. The victim, apparently still unaware that she was going to be
killed, begged off and said she would just eat it when she reached home.

Waradje then went home and just asked for updates from the others. He
said Aldos told him he was the first to shoot the victim and Talib

According to Waradje, the victim was shot in the head five times,
based on the account of Aldos and Talib. Waradje only managed to blurt:
“Grabe naman. Sobra naman (That’s too much).”

Rodelas was dumped in Cubao, where she was also shot at around 5 a.m.

Policemen found her clutching a plastic bag with a receipt for the
purchase at the fastfood restaurant. The same receipt was what led
policemen to identify and arrest Quiambao.


How does they only meant to rape her not kill her even work as a statement by a defence lawyer?

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Bill H

Pretty sad story.  Hope they hang the bastards.

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Rodelas’ friend and fellow model, Althea Altamirano, earlier admitted
that the plan was “to teach (Rodelas) a lesson” for reportedly spreading
rumors that Altamirano already has two children.



wtf.  This was organized by a friend.   Why is Althea also not being charged?

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How does they only meant to rape her not kill her even work as a statement by a defence lawyer?



its a matter of intent , and goes to the question as to whether or not the murder was premeditated .  Possibly the difference between first degree murder and 2nd degree murder.  Its not a moral question  - its a legal issue

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I am sure it is what I am saying is that we only meant to kidnap her and rape her to teach her a lesson... didn't mean to kill her afterwards....


In what world are we that, that is even a statement.


Not talking about the legality of an issue, wether or not the meant to kill her or not, they deserve to be killed.


Raping someone to teach them a lesson is almost worse then killing someone, in fact from the work I have done with countless rape victims their living hell of life afterwards is seriously fecked up dude.


And her best friend organized it to teach her a lesson for starting a rumor.

Over the last few weeks I have been seeing this country in a new light but man, this takes the cake.

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What is wrong with this story is that it is posted in this forum. I don't mean that in a mean spirited way. I just believe this sort of tragic story does not contribute much to the main intent of this forum. Yes, it is local news but it is just not the sort of information I would seek in a forum like this. I read local news and stories such as this are reported all too often. Just doesn't seem to serve the interests of the group.

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the boss

That story makes no sense.These people must be on drugs.

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Lost of trust, face and tendency to over react can result in this kind of escalation.

Indulging in argue or anger at the drop of a hat is normal now.  But still risky in the RP. 

Speak carefully.  Loose lips can cause a whole village to 'rise up'. 

It's not easy; it's so much fun to label and bitch.

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My Filipina friend asks me why this post is a "news" as it happened a year or so ago... I guess some of us are "already" on a Filipino time...

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Oh! I only wanted them to rape my FRIEND. I didn't want them to kill her.


I guess that's ok then.

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on drug or not drug you know what PINOY can do with they ego they love too show they can control anyone or boom you dead anywhere so sad story again?

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just more evidence of the macho culture of the Phlippines which I have alluded to before. Some foreigners, think this is great and we can sink into this men-abusing-the-women type culture. They are not interested, in women as individuals. They are only interested in women as servants and concubines who they may have married.

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Just doesn't seem to serve the interests of the group.


UNLESS_____you consider the fact that some of us are no longer in the Philippines and have little access to local news.

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the boss

I don't really think it's all as bad as some think in the PI.

Where I live the red necks go at each other all the time.

Even worse in the hood. Go there and DIS a MF as they say. Hell they don't plan it, they just pull out a gun and finish it now!


I just know my wives family and friends aren't into drinking and fighting.

Most the Pinoys I know would run before starting a fight, and no they won't come back later with the barkada and a gun!

I know there are hot heads every where. The Phils doesn't have a monopoly on that! :phil: :phil:​ 


In some houses the woman is the boss.

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