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Factional groups that insist that theirs is the only true way. The people here are real suckers for it. Three churches here for a few hundred and still the evangelists came and pitched a tent last week showing videos disco speakers until ten at night to tell it all their way.

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Its changed in that you now don't need police clearance from country of origin for provisional to full. You don't need NBI either as long as its applied for when you submit your request for changing s

I'll bow out of this thread.  It is obvious that procedures have changed since I got my 13A and moreover I applied in Manila and not Cebu.  Any information I have is probably out of date.  However as

This is a dumb question, but did you submit the NBI clearance to immigration? Your folder is likely sitting somewhere in the process. I assume they told you to get the NBI at your interview? I'm guess

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Thanks for this link.  My name is still not there, but there sure are a lot of missionaries!  I wonder why a missionary would come to a predominantly christian country?  


Well it seems like every Korean I met in Dumaguete was there under some religious visa. They can stay longer and cheaper. I was at the immigration office in Dumaguete when a missionary was in there with his wife and 7 children. He had a stack of passports with papers in each. I remember his fee was less than P1,000 for the entire family. Maybe they have the right idea.

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We have a Korean "Evangelist" here in the barangay scamming the locals with promises of salvation.

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