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Tenda W311R Router - CNY56!


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Hi there, as some may know I am now Living in Zhuzhou, China (as can be seen under Member Map).

The apartment on campus @ Hunan Railway Professional Technology College is over 64 sq m.

It is well equipped and has a spare bedroom/Study with computer desk, Lebbovo Desktop PC with Lennovo 17" LCD screen, HP Laserjet 1020 plus printer etc, and free ADSL2 Internet.

However I can't use my Android Smart Phone, and when I hook up the Samsung NC110 Netbook  am borrowing off Ana-Katrina, it fails to hook up to the Mercury MD880D ADSL2/2+ Modem, despite using same UserName and Password as the Lennovo PPPOE Dial-up connection is using!

I suspect the Lennovo LAN Port MAC Address is registered with the MD880D?  

I can't log in using (no PING reply from such) so looks like the defaults have been changed!

Since I can't connect to the LAN Port, and it still wont allow me to use my W80 Chinese Android Smart Phone over wiFi, I intend to buy a TENDA W311R WiFi Router, for the following reasons:-

  1. Have experience and familiarity with same TENDA W311R Chinese F/W version from previous school, Also translated Menu into English and have Quick Setup Wizard (where one can select the language to configure with).
  2. Tenda CN, Shenzhen, give excellent Support.  Their Support Staff can speak good English and go far beyond the level of FREE assistance most companies give to to even Warranty Period products.  I don't know who bought that Tenda W311R or when,  Don't have the Purchase Invoice or any details, yet I was given full support, even to the extent of 'Remote Assistance' via QQ.
    It was a joy to watch this young Chinese girl from TENDA CN Support in Shenzhen go through every Check and Test that I had done (only she knows the product and the Chinese Menu, so did it MUCH FASTER than I had done.  She also came to the same conclusion Firmware is corrupted stopping the WiFi IP Address from connecting - both as DHCP assigned and manually.
    She downloaded and installed the correct F/W for this Model (which is what I was really contacting Tenda Support CN for, as did not want to 'Brick' it by installing wrong version!  She was still calling me via her Cell Phone to check the F/W download as her shift ended over 30 min previously.  She still was confirming the install was successful from her home.
    I just love TENDA for the support alone.  The TENDA W311R did a good job as home WiFi,  I dont need 300m range or Dual Channel model (as the ADSL speed not high enough to warrant such).
    She even confirmed the version of F/W for English Menu (but advised me not to install, as some Support Sataff might not handle Remote Assistance with such).  It was not my WiFi Router and as I was leaving, left it working with the installed Chinese F/W.
  3. Provides 4 Port Ethernet Switch as well as WiFi
  4. Provides MAC Address Cloning (meaning it should connect in place of the Lennovo Desktop once it has same MAC Address - that will then connect to a LAN Port of the W311R, instead of the MD880D ADSL2 Modem LAN port).
  5. A married Teacher at the School, Jessica (whose husband also a Teach - Computers and now Head of that Department), who was assigned to show me around and offer help and assistance, offered to buy such Tenda W311R and claim the cost back. She went on line and found one (http://channel.jd.com) with better payment /delivery arrangements (that she has used before) and placed an On-line Order with her own Account.  She said it should be delivered to this School in 2 days!

I don't really mind if the School pays for it, or I pay Jessica the RMB56 (Php400) for the Tenda W311R.  I can always take it with me back to the Philippines, if i pay for it (I will install English F/W if /when that happens. Tenda CN Support will help confirm the right F/W to download/install).


Tenda (TENDA) W311R 150M Wireless Router  ¥ 59.00

Tenda (TENDA) 811 R 150M wireless router  ¥ 55.00

Tenda (TENDA) N3 150M wireless router ¥ 47.00

Tenda (TENDA) N30 300M Wireless Router ¥ 55.00
Tenda (TENDA) W 308 R King Router 300M wireless coverage ¥ 67.00



Perhaps the Tenda (TENDA) N3 150M wireless router @ ¥ 47.00 would have been good enough and use same or similar menu?

Tenda (TENDA) N30 300M Wireless Router @ ¥ 55.00 gives double the range of the 150m Wireless coverage of the W311R and costs less!



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Update on TENDA WiFi Router.

As i am living and working in China, and wanted WiFi off the provided FREE ADSL connection in the FREE 63 sq m apartment, it made sense to buy an inexpensive Chinese Router.

Having some experience with a TENDA W311R wiFi Router, that was in the apartment @ Mianyang Nanshan Bilingual School, and got some very goof support from TENDA Customer Support @ Tenda.com.con, I decided to buy another.

NB: If you want to consider buying a Chinese TENDA Wi Fi Router and consider upgrading the F/W to English Version, do seek confirmation from TENDA SUPPORT.

Yolanda, who was on duty that night I was seeking advice on what Version of Software to Upgrade to (and had originally confirmed that I could install and EN version, now says it good that I did NOT install such as the W311R Chinese Version CAN'T be upgraded to EN Version F/W! and could have Bricked that W311R!!!

Damn, should have bought a Tenda N30 or N304R or 837R instead!


Tenda ( TENDA ) N30 300M wireless router
¥ 59.00

腾达(TENDA)W304R 300M


腾达(TENDA)837R 300M

Yolanda of Tenda.cn said on QQ Chat:-
"N30 and W308R can be upgraded to English firmware
N3 can not"

"837R and W304R can"



W304R is designed to meet the needs of home wireless Internet sharing design of a wireless router. Using the latest 802.11n technology, the highest wireless transfer rate up to 300Mbps, backward compatible with IEEE 802.11b / g standards; supports WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WPA/WPA2 mixed encryption and other security mechanisms, effective anti-rub network; support Magnum following (WISP mode), easy to extend wireless network coverage; also supports IP bandwidth control, WDS bridging, access control and other useful features, your wireless Internet surfing experience, enjoy the fun the best choice.

  • Wall dedicated: External 3 x 5DBi omnidirectional antenna, a threefold gain, will greatly enhance the strength of the signal for wall penetration
  • Universal Repeater: Supports WISP mode, easy to extend wireless network coverage
  • A key encryption: simply press the WPS button on the router, to be easily connected securly to the remote WiFi Device
  • Bandwidth Control: Supports QoS bandwidth control function, can effectively control the designated computer to download or upload rate
  • More useful features: client-side filtering, URL filtering, DDNS, port forwarding, etc.

W304R comes with three 5DBI omnidirectional antenna, is an ordinary single-antenna signal three times. The coverage will be greater signal strength will be better, more 300M wireless transmission speed, wireless coverage, wireless extension of essential quality.

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I bought one of those W304R routers, David. It got here last week with the firmware & instructions all in Chinese, sigh...

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I bought a Tenda 3G router to use with a SmartBro usb stick.


It confused me.


It's in the electronics graveyard pile.

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Fortunatly the router worked as soon as it was hooked up. The problem is securing it, hard to dechipher the Chineese. Router does work well, I think my neighbors will attest to that..lol

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Fortunatly the router worked as soon as it was hooked up. The problem is securing it, hard to dechipher the Chineese. Router does work well, I think my neighbors will attest to that..lol


腾达(TENDA)W304R 300M



DC3driver,  several things you can do to configure a TENDA Router from China (where the HTML menu is in Chinese, especially if it is connecting to the internet):-


  1. Use Google Chrome as your Browser and set it up so it translates detected foreign Text to English

    Then when you enter into your Browser window, and the TENDA Rouer web Menu comes up, and should get translated into English (if you set Google Chrome up  correctly, to translate the Chinese to English automatically).    


  2. Download from TENDA website http://tenda.com.cn/tendacn/search.aspx  a Manual for W304R 300M Wireless Router wall Wang    Product Documentation ] W304R manual  http://tenda.com.cn/uploadfile/downloads/uploadfile/201211/W304R用户手册.zip
  3. Probably still can't read it any better than printed version supplied with Chinese Router,

    BUT, you can 'Copy" relevant Chinese Text and 'Paste' into Google Translate!


  4. Or Look at Step by Step Pictorial Instruction N302-how to modify the wireless password and wireless



  5. If you want English Version, buy from here http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Best-price-FREE-SHIPPING-Tenda-W304R-Wireless-Lite-n-300Mbps-4-Port-Access-Point-Router-broadband/900252259.html


    Brand  Tenda


     W304R broadband 300Mbps router (not modem router) Antenna  3 Contents

     Router*1, power adapter*1


    English firmware installed for all buyers, English configuration menu

    Power Adapter Convertor

     Free convertor*1 (default is EU plug, state your plug if otherwise)


     With original retail packing, we may resize the packing for more

     convenient shipping purpose, if you mind, please contact before you




    Why choose Tenda?

    Easy setup:

    1. Choose your network type (dial-up or broadband)

    2. Put in your account name and password (Account name and password is from your network provider)

    3. Creat your wireless network password

    After you plug your router, open any website, Tenda setup window will show up, follow the 3 step, you can setup your router even you do not understand any Chinese. It works same for all Tenda models.

    Global Warranty:

    For original English version, you get 1 year warranty for the router. You can change or fix the router in your country.

    There is also technical support on their websites to solve any problem you have. Tenda has official website in Russian, Portuagal, Spanish, English, Chinese etc.

    Broadcom chipset:

    Chipset provider for Tenda is Broadcom, Broadcom is one of the largest chipset manufactuer worldwide, it is also chip provider for Apple Inc. Reliable chipset provides you a more stable network environment. Advanced new MIMO tecgnology is used in Tenda which generates stronger signal than ever.

    Brand name:

    Tenda becomes NO.1 brand in China this year, sales of Tenda router overtakes TPlink---which is largest router manufactuer in China for long time.

    Tenda is more open to customers, you can buy English Tenda routers in my shop or you can download language firmware from official Tenda website. This enables customer to refresh the language of the router. For example, if you buy a Chinese version router in my shop, ask me for firmware, after you receive, you can change language by installing the firmware I sent to you.

    TPlink does not provide any English firmware to models sell in China. You can not find any English version of TPlink in China, so if you buy a TPlink on Aliexpress, you will not be able to change the language.

    Choose Tenda to get most value out of money you pay, best quality router at significant low price!


  6. Contact Tenda.com.cn  and ask about Firmware for W304R in English.



  7. W304R-how to modify the wireless password and wireless network name?
  8. This document applies to need to change the wireless password and wireless network name of the user

    Applicable models: Tenda Tenda W304R           question Category: Wireless Settings


    The first step : In the browser, type: press the Enter key, the jump page, enter "ADMIN ", can be determined


    Step Two : Click the " Advanced Settings "page or the top right corner of the" Advanced Settings"


    The third step : Click the " Wireless Settings " - " Wireless Security "to change the wireless network password, refer to the following steps


    Step Four : Click " Wireless Settings "to change the wireless network name, refer to the following steps



    1. modify the wireless password, be sure to disable wps settings to select Safe Mode;

    (2) In order not to rub network network, security mode is strongly recommended to select WPA-PSK,,encryption rules to select AES , the password is at least eight digits and letters;

    3 Modify the wireless password, it is strongly recommended that the wireless network name is also modified with specific reference to the fourth step procedure;


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Already bought it & it is here in Cebu. Too late to get one with English firmware. I just want to set it up so that no one can access it. It is not secure right now. I re read what you posted & think I can work through it, will let you know.


BTW  It does not pay to buy in China & have stuff shipped here. Got raped by customs, but that will be another post....sigh...

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Already bought it & it is here in Cebu. Too late to get one with English firmware. I just want to set it up so that no one can access it. It is not secure right now. I re read what you posted & think I can work through it, will let you know.


BTW  It does not pay to buy in China & have stuff shipped here. Got raped by customs, but that will be another post....sigh...


I asked Yolanda (who used to work in TENDA Customer Support) think she got promoted or something as in different department now, what TENDA WiFi Router could be upgraded to English F/W and I posted her reply




Yolanda of Tenda.cn said on QQ Chat:-

"N30 and W308R can be upgraded to English firmware

N3 can not" 


"837R and W304R can"


So the W304R can be upgraded according to Yolanda of TENDA in Schenzen.


You need to check the Tenda F/W currently installed





LAN MAC 地址      C8:3A:35:25:2C:10 

WAN MAC 地址     00:1A:4D:D3:D7:A1

系统时间               2013-09-24 00:25:02

运行时间               00:02:56

客户端个数            1

软件版本号            V5.07.42_cn

硬件版本号            V3.0



As you can see my Tenda W311R WiFi Router is Hardware Version: V3.0 and F/W: V5.07.42_cn


If you can give me your W304R routers Hardware Version: V5.yy and F/W: V5.07.xx


I can QQ - Yolanda, and ask if there is English Version of F/W for your particular Hardware Model of W304R Router with specific F/W as she is the one that told me that was a Router Model, that could be upgraded to English Version.

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They gave me a link to the 303 model (said it was almost the same)  & now it has English firmware.

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They gave me a link to the 303 model (said it was almost the same)  & now it has English firmware.


I bought TENDA W311R WiFi Router in China for the following reasons:-


  • Tried and tested - had a Tenda W311R in Mianyang, Sichuan,


  • Excellent low price in China.


  • Excellent Customer Support from TENDA in Shenzen.

    This is probably the main reason I bought a TENDA product.


    TENDA Support did not ask for any 'proof of purchase', Warranty expiry date,or anything.  TENDA Support, just went out of their way to fix a problem, that 'someone' was reporting as being on one of their products.

    Via QQ Remote Assistance ran all the Checks and Diagnostics as well as checking ALL Configuration.


    Saved to Config File, rebooted and came to same conclusion I had made - potentially corrupted Firmware.

    Tenda Support continued offering Support after the Shift had officially closed.  'Yolanda' who was on that last Shift, had downloaded the correct F/W.  She was calling from her Mobile on her journey home, to make sure it completed the Download and installed successfully.  She was then calling again once she had arrived home to confirm it was up and running.  Never seen Customer Service this good in any other Company (even those I worked for).  Often once Out of Warranty and No Service Contract, many companies would not offer any Support to end user - down to local Distributor.


  • DID NOT try upgrading to English Firmware on principle "If not Broken, Why try to Fix it?"
    • I had created a translated version of the Web Menu so I know what was being asked and what to 'Push' after entering required selection or information.  Once up and running and on-line, Chrome browser automatically translates Web Menu to English


    • Tenda Support recommended sticking to Chinese for use in China as they might have same problems coping with English Menu as you have with Chinese, except they wont be able to help nearly as well as they could, if it were still in Chinese!
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Well, it is in English now..lol

Router is working quite well,just a little faster thn my old one, signal strength perhaps a little stronger. The 3 antennai do give one confidence it is doing all it can to get the signal out.

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