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I am a new member too.

Please teach me how to post my photo to the gallery?


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I love fishing and golfing !

Anyone here is a golfer ?

I practice golf every morning.

If I come to Cebu,any golf course can I play?

I heard that if I have a member to play with ,it will be cheaper and more fun ?

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welcome Eugene. Your home Great Yarmouth is a port at the North Sea, do you have any relations to the sea? I ask this as a retired seaman, who was working on ferries between Great Britain and the continent for about 10 years.


hI eugene, Peter C. i'm also ex British merchant navy (retired) , Lord Line Trawlers (Hull), P & O Cruises, and Sealink Ferries (Newhaven).. I think I must have been the only deck cadet that went from deep sea fishing trawlers ( Iceland)  to cruise ships. I did have a seamans pub here in Camiguin a couple of years ago. Lots of nauticalia, prints of Hull trawlers, and scottish fishing smacks.


I'm going back to sea in a month or so time when Habigat eases aboard my two mast sailing schooner bound for Palawan - west coast, Baquit Bay and Coron. If you fancy helping aboard and show my crew how to splice a wire, you're welcome.


Nigel who owns the Tongan Sail Inn, Tambono, South Negros, was on Lowestoft trawlers many years ago, now he builds catamarans and cooks great fish n chips.

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