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Are American expats going to buy US health insurance or pay the fine?

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The law sounded all rosy about expats, but it's gonna stick it to expats. 


1) If you have US based income then that income does not qualify for an exemption from ObamaCare. This affects US citizens abroad who earn money from US sources, including money earned over the internet. If I make $50, $500, $1500 or whatever a month online and get 1099's from that income, I need to pay income tax as if I was in the US. I did that while I was living abroad. I paid my self employment tax. With Obamacare, I get an added tax. When it was self employment, I was paying into SS where there is at least a promise of something I can get as an expat. This Obamacare tax doesn't give me anything....I can't use the health care. 


2) If you are part year resident then you have to get Obamacare even if you arent using it. 

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i would be under the impression that the government wants your money and could not care less about if you can use it or not ..  but that's just my assumption going on how they normally do things

I have never hated a sitting President more than the piece of shit that is in office now.    Jesus, this whole thread makes me want to puke. Apologies to the OP, but, that is how I feel because of O

I am under the impression expats are exempt from this law. How are we supposed to use USA health insurance here?


I'll have zero income, so I'm not gonna worry about it. I do have lots of money saved up, but that is not income


Stand by for the Wealth Tax.




In the mean time



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Can I cancel my medicare/medicade and still go to the Philippines?  I need to cancel it because it would otherwise put my ss under the $800 quota to get in, even though my husbands ss is is more than twice what mine is.  I don't use it anyway as I've not needed it for much of anything.  If I did need health insurance in the Philippines, would I be able to get it?  There are so many new requirements now, that it's a bit boggling!


I dropped mine years ago, don't need it as the premiums and co-pays are usually higher than what you would pay in cash here.

Besides, due to abuse by billing companies here (I believe it was the late 80's) Medicare will not pay in the Philippines.

Buy Philhealth if you want some degree of protection, that's what most of us do.

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