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How fast is your internet

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My internet speed thru SMART is 10.0 Mbps (whatever that means)


is that fast? works for me...


how fast is your internet (like I am gonna understand the terms anyway...I'm not)

your connection between your Smart Device and your PC is 10/100, your actual internet speed is about 780kbps/275kbps as we had discussed earlier, your connection to the "Outside World" is drastically slower than the "Internal Network Speed" of your lan.


http://www.speedtest.net will tell you the reality of your connection speed.

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Damn that's fast. What kind of connection do you have?


Well that was the speed of internet connection in the office where I work. I dont have information of connection type. Seems to be fast anyhow.


At home I dont have that fast connection but not bad anyhow :).


I dont miss Philippine broadband but more like the year around sunlight and some other good things while not there : ).

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