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Luzon, Visayan or Mindanao People- Who do you get along with better?


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After many years in Cebu, I decided to go and live in Pampanga, Baguio and even go up to Tuguegarao and here are my impressions.


Cebuanos are very warm and passionate- kind of Polynesian- like. I loved it at first but the other side of it was that I met many gossipy people who would not mind their own business. There was very little privacy in Cebu. They seemed friendlier but less polite.


On Luzon, things were different- people were way colder and much less friendly. They looked snobbish. But the good thing was that you were mainly left alone and had more privacy. If you wanted to meet people, you had to make an effort. The places were just, well, more Oriental. I felt that I was in Japan or Taiwan. The people were quiet, soft spoken and they minded their own business. In Baguio, people were very stylish. Polite, reserved but not friendly.


In Pampanga, white skinned Japanese looking girls were everywhere but they were stuck up and you needed to work your way into their circles. Not easy because Kapampangans are not very open people.


I enjoyed the change, nevertheless.


I could never figure out the Mindanaoans because they also seemed less friendly.


How did you fare with different locations and among other ethnic groups?

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I find those in North Mindanao to be the most generally friendly, it is a big part of the reason I love living in the Surigao area. I feel very safe around the locals for the most part. If they love you you feel love, if they like you you feel well liked, if the don't like you either duck or run. It a lot like living in Texas....










just a lot more palm trees and the cows look funnier....

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It a lot like living in Texas....


Holy horse$hit............thanks for the warning :)



just a lot more palm trees and the cows look funnier..


And more people in Mindanao speak English and they have more teeth!











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I've been to all three regions and still think of Mindanaons as most friendly. Cebuanos/Visayans are second and parts of Luzon (Pangasinan and Laguna) i found to be friendly as well.

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