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Building an RV type trl that could be pulled to a beach lot

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I posted this yesterday in the wrong thread, and Globe has not seen fit to make it easy to correct since then. Here it is;   The OP is looking for something to spend a few weeks/months a year to sta

you could get a minivan/suv tent  

This is what they are calling Tiny Homes

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180,000????????????????????????????????????????????????? what happened to 2,000 peso and free delivery

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You can import ready made container homes from China and also bungalows but not sure about shipping for bungalows, think they come in parts but the container homes are ready to live in, it are 40 feet containers with a living area of 28sqm, looks like a container, is transported like a container, same size, but has wooden decoration and windows and you get a bathroom,fully equipped kitchen etc. Cost price: less than 300$ /sqm, they go for 1000$ /sqm atleast in the West, but in the Philippines you can get a decent concrete home build for 300$ /sqm so I would think twice.

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