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What are you doing in Philippines?

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.......... Amen to that! I've been wondering the same thing ever since I joined the forum. If they're so miserable in the Philippines why don't they just leave? USMC stayed because of great difficulty getting his famly out. That had merit and was perfectly understandable. The others I just wonder about.


Myself I'm really disappointed at all the crying also...


I should add there has been at least 3-4 things I have learned here that are very good but that has to be weighted against the pages and pages I had to read of old-women type belly-aching to find anything worth reading  ...

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Originally from Minnesota, very tired of the snow and cold. Any time I think it might be too humid/hot here I just think of -20 degrees F and the weather here seems GREAT! In my experience there did n

Im in phil cos thats where my Mrs is.  Where ever she is, thats my home.

To live in the Philippines successfully you must respect the risks involved and know how to mitigate them, and many of the long time expats know exactly how to do that. They also know how to make life

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Salty Dog

..... So if you really feel that way why are you still in the Philippines?


Just like USMC Retired I'm stuck here because of bureaucratic paperwork. Took three years to fix something that should have taken 6 months. Hopefully I will be able to leave next year. I never said I hated it or that I even didn't like it here. I just said I love my country and want to live there.


I know many of you would never go back to your home country and that's fine. We all have to do what we think is best for our families and ourselves. 


"Nothing gives me as much pride as being a part of a country where liberty dwells. I am a proud citizen of America and I love my country."

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wow ... This web site has shown me a Philippines I've never seen before ...


Don't take this personally, but my existence here is about 180 degrees from what you are describing ... I'm about 100% satisfied on the 2 foremost reasons I came here (other than $ stretching) .. 1)To ride dirt bikes each day AND 2) put pun-tang into the same bucket as air ... Both are not really important unless you are not getting enough of either.

More guys come here for the pun tang than any other reason. betcha. And that ain't bad. Dirt bikes maybe second. Ones ability to perform either pursuit peters out declines. Just sayin'...

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