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Newbee to Cebu First Time to BI

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Salty Dog

I friend went to get her final visa in Subic Area before leaving for the USA December 3rd.

She told the guy she only needed one month extension.

He told her there is a new rule and if you only get a one month instead of two that they have to charge you a penalty.

She said your kidding me and got a bit upset.

He said oh and your I-Card expires on December 2nd so you have to pay $50 for a new I-Card.

She said, but I'm leaving on the 3rd less than 24 hours after it expires. I thought you didn't have to renew it until the next visa extension after it had actually expired.

He said but you not going to be here then so you have to renew it now.

She said that's not fair and he laughed.

He told her that it would take over a month to get the card so just tell them at the airport that she had paid.

She said can't I just show them my receipt? He didn't seem to want to give her a receipt. She was getting mad and asked to see his supervisor.

He said fine but he will always take my side.

He said do you want to pay now or should I look for more things to charge you for.

She told him he was rude

He said only to Americans because I didn't like them.

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Lots of people like to hang out at the BoI and bring friends because they know it pisses whippy off.


There is a new dress code and shorts and TShirts are ok now.  Formal setting?  Posh.




Don't worry about your secret.  I'd spend an extra couple hours in the Mandaue BI to avoid driving through Lapux2



Friend, I will gladly pay the extra fare to avoid some of those described in this thread.

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Salty Dog

Extended my visa to 14 months today. I got there at 8:03 and they were already 15 people inside. However when I got my stamp on my application, it said I was number 7. Now they don't even want copies of anything, not even the passport. Had about a 10 minute brownout before I could hand my application to receiving. Once the power came back on, she said they had to wait for the system to come back online. From receiving to cashier took only a few minutes. After cashier was longest wait, maybe 30 minutes. I was out the door before 9:00. Today is the first time I ever had to sign the application again, when picking up my stamped Passport.


As is often the case, I was looking around wondering if anyone there was a member on LinC.

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