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Catastrophic med insurance for foreigner in 60s with pre-existing conditions

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When making up my mind about settling here it was one of the items that I did quite some investigation about.

I did not need to bother in the past as it was covered by my company under the terms of my employment.

The best deal I could get was from Alliance Insurance.

But I was only looking at mainly evcauation insurance.


However, after spending several hours on this, I just happened to receive in the mail a booklet from my credit card company with an update of their Terms and Conditions (isn't it great how they can change the rules, even after you have signed up to a different set?) And much to my surprise I find that I am already covered for such an event,


So those with overseas credit cards my wish to check with their provider


May not suit everyone but it Works for me


Its a good tip for tourists but be careful if you live here.


the small print will terms like country of residence..... and if you live in the Phils you aint covered.


the get me home in dire circumstances is jus that........ and assumes that once you land your local wesetrn health scheme will take over.

this is probably not likely if you live in europe


even if if you have all local treatment, the company could say they will only pay after u have been refiunded by yout stae scheme where possible...... and if u arent covered in the west.... you arent covered on the card.


so check the fine print.   mt credit card is great for oversaes trips as a tourist, but my coverage in the phils is zero.

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