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Good Day All.I searched for some time through the archives trying to find info on getting dual citizenship for my wife and 2 sons while in Cebu.We lived in Cebu for several years and have been back in the USA for some years,will be returning to live in Cebu in a few months.We have been married 12 years our sons were born in the Philippines and of course have American citizenship as well as my wife.any info help on dual citizenship while living in Cebu is much appreciated.I should know this stuff by heart but defamiliarized myself with so much being away from the Philippines for a few years.Thanks

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Enter the country using her US passport, and she (and you) are balikbayan and good for 1 year visa with no other requirements. Leave the country and there is no travel tax to pay.


I suppose a tourist will pay the travel tax upon exit?


So, this is a very good deal... can she go through the "Filipino" lane or "Visitor" lane at the immigration? ;)

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If your kids were born before your wife gave up her RP citizenship they were born to a Philippines national and thereby ARE RP citizens- need to be registered- if more than 6 months old it will be 'late' and need various affidavits. You do that with the RP consulate nearest you- check their web site. We did this years ago and NSO never heard about it so you will have to follow up- like most things official there. 


You wife can reacquire her RP citizenship by filing similar paperwork.


Probably easier to enter the Phils as balikbayan and do all the paperwork there- just know what will be needed so you have it all with you.


Would love to hear the outcome.

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