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Additional Fee to Depart for USA?

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Salty Dog

My friend has a permanent 13A and has been living in the Philippines for several years. He had to fly back to the US because he needed to handle some paperwork with selling his house. He told me he paid 3 fees at the airport prior to departure. First he paid the travel tax around 1,620. Then he paid the international terminal fee around 550. He then saw a sign that said something about people with ACR-I cards. He asked some official what that was for and she told him to get in line if he had one. He got up to a counter and gave them his ACR-I card and passport with the receipt for his recent annual report, because he had heard he should have it just in case. They charged him around 2800. He said they didn't really explain what it was for and he just figured it was another fee everyone had to pay. He didn't know where the receipt is but he remembers seeing something on the receipt about an express fee.


Does anyone know what this 2800 was for?

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Canuck Joe



its just another fee for permanent residents, guys who travel out of Philippines a lot should not get 13a

I might leave once a year but that BS fee irks me every time.

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Here is the brakedown of the fees





checking in with the airline we had to go to TIEZA - not sure what that
stands for but is the Travel Tax Payment - each of us paid 1,620 Pesos

Next Stop was the airport fee another 550 each.

Next was the Passport Control for leaving
the Country - my wife got her Passport Stamped and paid nothing. I
presented my Passport and my 13a ACR-I - I was directed to another
window in which I paid

Legal Research 30
Express Lane 500
Total 2880"

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