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Family Friendly Gym

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So.. Yesterday I'm walking into Fitness First in Cebu with Rove (adult), Charm (13yoa), Teresa (adult), Zackie (5yoa), JR  (6yoa) and Toni (4mos)… Rove had a 1hr personal trainer workout (+=1000Pesos) and I had a 30 min workout (+=600Pesos) and I wanted Charm to see the gym since she might want to start working out too (possible new member +=2400Pesos/month before personal trainer) and these guys had a new sign here that says you can't bring kids into their lounge.

Now, I perfectly understand why you wouldn't want kids in the gym area with all that equipment and stuff and accidents waiting to happen, but they have a lounge area there too that just has a TV and chairs and stuff. A great place to park your yaya and smaller kids while you do your workout. Oftentimes I would bring little Toni and Teresa and they would wait in the lounge area while Rove and I work out, happily spending what was then +=2000Pesos 2 or 3x per week (yep, over 20k/month just in personal trainer fees) for our workouts. Toni's a nice quiet baby and doesn't cause a whole lot of disruption.

This time the new sign says no kids in the lounge! Naturally I blow my top and yep, they're serious, they say well, this time you can bring your baby and Charm in there but not the two boys because they might somehow get into the gym and get hurt. Anyone that knows me knows how strict I am with children. Screwing up just isn't an option if you like your ass to be a colour other than bright red. I'm not in the mood to explain my parenting skills or anything else to these guys though. I tell them to cancel my membership (yes, I know they'll just keep hitting my card every month but I have an attorney for that) and I leave the place.

Kinda sad that you're supposed to teach your kids good habits and lead by example but you're out of luck if you get them involved at your gym.

So… My question here is… Are there any family-friendly gyms/fitness clubs here in Cebu? Maybe with a lounge area to park your family at while you workout? I don't care if its expensive I just really want our whole family involved in the process of going to the gym together and making it a part of our daily routine. Help!?

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Sounds really boring to make your kids hang out in the lounge when the mall is full safe distractions while the big people are working out.   I am sure there is good reason for no kids in the lounge.  Perhaps most kiddos are not as well behaved as yours and cause all kinds of havoc seems understandable the Gym doesn't want to be used as babysitting area when there are plenty of areas avail in the mall.



As for your 13yo  I am sure they wouldn't object to him/her being in the lounge or even in the workout area observing your workouts as long as he/ she stayed with you.

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