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Any balikbayan shippers nwest of Detroit?

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David Kennedy

There used to be a good one in the Waterford area, but their Filipino grocery store went out of business and though he said he'd continue shipping boxes, I have no way of contacting him.

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i just (june 21) shipped 3 boxes using forex.  see forexworld.com.  my boxes were 21 inches cubed.  $95 per box he picks them up at your place, $5 off if you deliver to him.  he lives at wattles and livernois.

call jopet at 248 559 7070.  if he doesn't answer leave a message, he does return calls.  i had him pick up at my house and he seemed like a nice guy.  he even forgot to collect payment and i had to call him and remind him of that right after he left.  you are given a tracking number so you can track where you box is at a given time using the forexworld website.  mine are currently on a container in bensonville illinois.  been there for almost 2 weeks, i suppose waiting for the container to fill up before it goes any further.


i haven't used this guy before but he was recommended to me, and besides, i couldn't find anyone else in the area.


long shot question:  were you recently in michigan to see your mother in an assisted living facility and then moved her out of it?

                                if so, did you visit a furniture store in rochester a few months back?

                                if not, nevermind.  :)

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David Kennedy

Thanks a lot!




Answer to your questions is no, not me. Mom's been gone since the early 90:s

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an update on the 3 boxes i shipped as discussed above, perhaps useful to anyone looking to ship balikbayan boxes for the first time.


they arrived yesterday, august 14, in good condition.  i have pasted the shipping history as found on the forexworld.com website.  picked up from my house in michigan on june 21, so just under 8 weeks travel time.  


3 boxes bought from ups, each 21 inch cubed.  one box wasn't quite filled so i cut it down in size, about 6 inches off the top (ouch!).  boxes were well taped and lined on the inside with cardboard from other boxes, and shredded paper was used as filling material.  more fragile items (some antique glass christmas ornaments, for example) were first packed in cheap plastic shoe boxes from the hardware store.  jars of applesauce and sanders hot fudge were given a single wrap of thin foam insulation.  as i said everything arrived in good condition, the boxes showed little wear and tear.  box weights ranged from 90 to 130 pounds.


one box included a variety of deer and raccoon bones and so, if the boxes were scanned in any way, the presence of bones doesn't seem to raise eyebrows.  maybe useful information for somebody someday...  

Aug 14, 2013 16:02:47:000 QUEZON CITY, NCR




Aug 14, 2013 06:10:00:000  




Aug 13, 2013 23:31:27:100 CAINTA RIZAL, PH




Aug 13, 2013 20:59:23:000 CAINTA RIZAL, PH




Aug 12, 2013 10:37:17:000 MANILA, PH




Jul 12, 2013 15:22:00:000 LONG BEACH, CA USA




Jun 26, 2013 12:51:30:577 BENSENVILLE IL, US






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