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RP Passports for my kids

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We have two US-born kids, born before my wife became a US citizen.


We registered the births-to-a Philippines-national years ago at the Philippines Consulate in New York- sent paperwork, they cashed our check and sent signed, sort of, paperwork back. Apparently no problem.


My wife just went to the NSO office in Cebu and they can find no record of our kids.


I have tried to contact the consulate and get no response.


I had assumed the consulate would forward paperwork to NSO and, like I said, gave them years to get it into the system.


What WAS I thinking.


Just want to establish their RP citizenship in case they want or need it in the future.


Anybody else been through this? Advice? Thanks.





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That paperwork you recieved, you could get advice ftom the main NSO in Cebu. What did they say about it?

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