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Where to buy polyurethane sheet in Cebu

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Does anyone know where to buy refrigeration grade polyurethane sheets in Cebu? Sheets need to be 50mm thick or thicker.

Whoops! forgot to mention it has to be polyurethane not polystyrene



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Alternatively have you thought about using spray foam? 

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Greetings! Call Mr Lobrigas at 495 0132 or 09265943980.  I bought a lot of insulation from him. I do noit think they make insulation from polystyrene as it is very flamable. His insulation is in 3 grades, and is self extingushing. He has fire proof source, but it is very expensive. They cut it from big blocks, so thickness is not an issue. Is 50MM not 2 inches? That is what I used, two sheets in ceiling, may add more eventually when I get first power bill.


P 358 to P700+ per 2"x4'x8' sheet


Spray foam my actually be here, but I have not found an actual operator who has installed it who has the equipment and personnel to do the job. The one at Cebu Home Builders in Mandaue is no longer there. They quated P700000 for a 90 SM house!

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