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While cleaning up the guilty foreigners, clean up the guilty Filipinos

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Alan S

A Filipina friend of mine and her husband, both of whom are Doctors in Manila, spend a lot of their time working in a clinic that specialises in sex abuse cases.

I am told that the vast majority are rapes against children / young girls, mostly by their fathers or other older relatives.


There are some cases where (usually) their mothers have "sold" them to foreigners, but that is, they tell me, comparitively rare. 


They have also told me that the numbers are far higher than one would assume from the press, and that few Filipinos are ever prosecuted for it.


I make no comment other than to add this as information.

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when an illegal does a crime  it is plastered all over the news


if only that were true

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Are you saying illegal immigrants in the US are being singled out for their crimes while US citizens are given a free pass to molest underage kids ???????



Oh heavens no .

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