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The retired US Marine killed in Tagaytay on Christmas 2011 update


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I was sad to hear the possibility his wife will go free. Terrible. Have you considered the fact he had a prenuptial agreement that she could only get his money the longer she was married to him..and 4 years was not the min. Time on the agreement. The document was signed in the usa. And I believe he named beneficiarys upon death if not his wife. So...can this horrible woman who really conned jimmy from the beginning be deprived of her agenda to get his money.? Norlie was the daughter of his mothers best friend. He thought he did all he could to protect himself and he was really conned by norlie. She came to the usa and since there was a delay in her getting citizenship here they moved to the philipines. So maybe it helps and matters if you still want to pursue the case that the agreement and marriage were done in the usa. It was arranged by jimmys deceased mom's friend to introduce norlie to jimmy.

Sickening, horrible, disgusting...she had him so convinced she was honest and true. We miss you jimmy!                                                                                                                                               

I can only say Jim didn't discuss his prenup with me. I know he had paperwork on the property that no matter what Norlie couldn't throw him out of his house in Tagaytay.  She tried to sell the house in Tagaytay but no 1 would fall for her BS.  She even tried to get a loan for the house from the Bank. After he was killed.  Norlie has a child by the BF. I have seen pictures of it.  It sounds like you know Jim very well and since you are from Van Nuys I can only assume you are Family or a very close Family friend.  I have kept asking questions about the case.  It has not been forgoten in Tagaytay.  Even on the street it is still a topic of concern.  I was shocked when I left there only last month that when I went to Tagaytay some of his friends there where asking me what I know.  I could only say that the wife is somewhere in Quezon City.  Probably hiding out near her relatives house.  I have seen pictures of his Adopted daughter in school uniform, and know that they can't be far from her school. I wish the Philippine Goverment would simply do their job.  But after 30 years plus I believe it is a hopeless wish.

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This very thing also happens in our own 1st world countries. The dark side of human nature transcends ethnicity, social standing, inherent genes, or societal  upbringing. Geed, desperation, evil inten

its crazy first NO jury so as a foreigner you on the outside looking in ... second if no one presses charges there is NO crime....bet you dont see that on the tourist info sheet ..

A guy wearing a black motorcycle helmet.  It is the Filipino way I think.

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