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New Requirement for Changing from Provisional to Permanent Resident

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There is no standarized police form you can get in the US

True but it sounds like you're saying the RP should base it's rules and requirements on what is available in the US? Do you think the US or UK, or wherever should base it's requirements on what is or is not available in the RP?


Now this site explains how to get a US FBI criminal history report which seems to be acceptable to the BI now and the cost is $18.




It's true that such a minimal check should also be done on tourists extending beyond the 2 month point but as yet it's not. Maybe this is a first step towards that.

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Well...I guess that means that anybody coming over her to live, who might wish to get a 13A visa at some point, should get a police clearance in their home town before they leave. If they get pissy ab

It's strange that they haven't made any mention of this new change on their own website, but I guess that shouldn't surprise anyone really!   Please keep the forum updated as to whether this is now

That is incorrect based on what I have read and been told by immigration officials. I won't be applying until October or November for conversion to my permanent, so until then I can not give any furth


The US Embasdy bases its requirements on what is available here. Cenomar, NBI NSO documents. They are clear concise and leave no room for mistake. There is no such animal as Police clearance and leaves room for discretion. So if you make such rules you must spell out exactly what you want. Like a country that has its act together not just throwing new rules out there.


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For those in the Cebu area needing an NBI clearance and finger prints for a home country clearance, you may want to read this:




If you are close to or willing to drive to Tuburan, the process is much easier. Went to NBI Tuburan June 13, the day after the holiday, and there was no line and no waiting.

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When I think about it personal computers were not even invented when I left my country of origin. They certainly were not using comps at immigration when I arrived in the Philippines. No actual police clearance with exception to some setup called the "Police Inspectors association" Do they have access to vaults full of paper files dating back 40 years? I doubt it.


I think for married people 'a trip' is favorite once a year. Our tickets to Kota Kinabalu cost 4000 return. I come back with 13a. Cheap considering the 'thousands' I have paid to immigration. The stamp in Tacloban for tourists fills half a passport page. I even had to get a new passport at 12,000 pesos as the old passport ran out of pages 3 years before it expired.


I'm told the new 6 month tourist visa is 13,000. A japanese one costs 1200. Do they really expect to attract tourist here?

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