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Electric Power: 220V vs. 110V

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Brother, you said a mouthful there, for sure! I couldn't agree more.




Some people just wanna brag. :D

shit i did not post that i have not been in that room for 2 years..

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That sounds like nonsense. A brownout is a brownout. The conversion between 220v and 110v is likely done inside each house.   Also, there should be no significant difference with regards to costs, o

220-240 VAC appliances, conductors and supply lines are far better than 110-120 VAC. For a start the transmission resistance is halved with 220-240 VAC and there is similarly less stress on components

Personally I think if you plan to live here long time it's better to leave the 110V stuff in the U.S.  If you go to 110 you will need a transformer, on a pole, big enough to handle the load/ Eventuall

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