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Truck and Auto Suspension


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Since Skyman started a topic on house painters, it reminded me that I wanted to start topics on many subjects for services that that are often passed on word-of-mouth. In other words, if you don't have contacts, you don't find the person or company that provides the service. I will start these threads on as many types of services as I can. Note: I consider any specialty as a service, so you will see painters, plumbers, carpenters, masons, electricians, lawyers, medical specialties, dental specialties, diesel mechanics, gasoline engine mechanics, LPG engine mechanics and conversion, brake repair, auto body and paint, auto electric systems, etc. Also, if you think of other specialties that I miss, let me know, and I will add a topic. I will pin all of these topics, so they stick around over time.


So...if you know of a shop or independent TRUCK and AUTO SUSPENSION guy that you would recommend, please put his name (or the name of his company), whatever contact information you have, where he is located (town or city), and why you would recommend him. Also, if you know details or his work (like what he has done for you and how long it has lasted), I'm sure that would be helpful to a lot of other members. If anybody has used the car dealers here for this kind of work, I'm sure you know they are substantially higher than the small shops and independent mechanics.

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