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I was referred to this Doctor by a friend.  She is young (and pretty) and seems to be properly educated.  She lasered sun spots from my face with good results for P6000.  The exam was about P300 I think.  She offered botox for the laugh lines I didn't know I had, for P4000 but I didn't have that done.  Interesting how cheap it was!  Her office staff had some difficulties with English, but the Doctor is fine with communication.


Jennifer Toledo Tan, MD, DPDS

Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery

2nd floor SPC Medical Specialty Center

Perpetual Succor Hospital

Gorordo Ave., Lahug



Monday - Saturday by appointment

[email protected]


I tried to figure out how to repost this to a new topic for Dermatology, but couldn't.  Admin. please move to new topic.  Thanks!

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Since Skyman started a topic on house painters, it reminded me that I wanted to start topics on many subjects for services that that are often passed on word-of-mouth. In other words, if you don't have contacts, you don't find the person or company that provides the service. I will start these threads on as many types of services as I can. Note: I consider any specialty as a service, so you will see painters, plumbers, carpenters, masons, electricians, lawyers, medical specialties, dental specialties, diesel mechanics, gasoline engine mechanics, LPG engine mechanics and conversion, brake repair, auto body and paint, auto electric systems, etc. Also, if you think of other specialties that I miss, let me know, and I will add a topic. I will pin all of these topics, so they stick around over time.


So...if you know of a DERMATOLOGIST that you would recommend, please put the doctor's name, whatever contact information you have, where he or she is located (town or city and address of his or her office(s)) and why you would recommend this dentist over others. Also, if you know details, I'm sure that would be helpful to a lot of other members.

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Don't know how good she is as haven't been there yet, but have a referral from the VA clinic to see

Antoinette v. cabahug

Rm 209 at Borromeo bldg

Cebu doctors hospital

M0n-sat 11:30-1pm


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