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VRF or HVAC Aircon for office in Cebu

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I'm trying to find a company that can put in an aircon system into a new office i'll be moving into. The office is 156sqm, and has the room to expand to a total of 350sqm if things go well.


I've been dealing with Emcor who were quoting on Koppel units. It's taken 6 weeks for them to come back with a final quote, and half of what they wrote is absolute rubbish. It's a brand new office building, 9 floor, close to IT park.

Emcor told me that because the building has 3 phase power, their 1 phase VRF units are not compatible with it, thus they can only quote on split types instead. I find it really hard to believe this, as it's not some little sari sari shack with a single power point. Surely a brand new office building would be able to support these larger/industrial air con systems. Anyone have knowledge on this?

The building manager has confirmed that it is actually single phase.


So to summarise, i'm looking for a company that operates in Cebu, that are not complete morons and time wasters, and that are not simply going to take the SRP/RRP price and add on an extra 40% as their quote. That might be their markup, which is fine, it's their business, but they could at least prepare the quote properly and not take 6 weeks to do it.


Also does anyone have any knowledge on the differences between VFR, HVAC (ducted air), or split type inverters when used for an office environment?

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you have to always remember:   ITS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES

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Greetings! There are many AC dealers, and repair shops in Cebu in phone book.

I use ALASKA for my supplies. 343 7223, Subangdaku, right side before  the LTO flyover going to Mandaue from Cebu city.

They shouold be able to put you in contct with an installer who knows what he is doing. EMCO has many new people that are learning. You need a installer that has worked in the mid east, not a newbe.

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ah i didn't think there was one, great i've got a few pages of leads now, thanks heaps.

I'll give Alaska a call, and your right, the Emcor rep seems to not know the difference between an air con and a light switch. You would think that on a half a million peso quote they would put their best person forward, if that's the best person, god help them.

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ed villas

althou they are in manila. perhaps try to contact them as they could have a good lead in sebu

 have used them several years ago. best service i have had SO FAR in the RP 


 they in the past have done the air con works for many star-bucks and other businesses,


Seasonaire Industrial Works ( in Mandaluyong,)


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