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Agricultural bussiness in the PH

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Headed that way

Nope, long time friend from the U.S. running things for me there in the Philippines.   Local businessmen are used to purchase material only, strictly a customer/vendor relationship.

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Now that we know how to start a biz I ponder how to get a work permit being the director of zed biz ? 


I understand it is off topic but I think it to be a normal evolution of it, if not sorry for the infraction 



That's pretty easy.


You get your attorney to have your corporation get you one.


The attorney (who is on a retainer from you) does all the paper work.


This includes publishing in the local newspaper and advisement you've been hired and that paper clipping is submitted to the DOLE for your AEP (Alien Employment Visa)


Expect these costs to be around 20,000 pesos.


Next is your Immigration 9G visa (work permit). Expect those costs to run up to 60,000 pesos.


So in summary some round-about figures are:


Corp setup 80-100K


9G Visa 60K


Alot depends on how competent your attorney is and how much he charges.


As a baseline I'd only use an attorney who has done this before and is happy to provide the 5 Filipino's for the corp.


My guess is he gives them like 5K each for signing on.


Pro Tip .. don't think about these corps as long term .. flip them like houses .. run a corp at a loss for 2 years . then close it and open an new one.


Nothing illegal here by the way - just playing by the rules.


Much like Google and Amazon and PayPal do it  Europe.

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