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Getting a baby to the US

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For the Immigrant Visa? Dude, there is like a one page form to fill out, and a cover letter you just sign....  Hardly and "enormous mountain". lol

Why do you continue to post on a subject that you obviously know nothing about?


Oh, I know,  :troll: !

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The Cebu Consulate verifies you've submitted the correct forms and forwards them to the embassy in Manila. The CRBA is (or is not) approved in Manila. Since you've submitted the paperwork I would call

NSO can be a feat in and of its self.  That takes 3 months and on a rush it takes 30 days.   I just see a DNA test forth coming.   How can you get ahead of that ball is what needs to be happening.   T

You have fallen into the black hole. Immigrant and fiancé/e visas cannot be extended. If the visa is not used within its period of validity, you must take it and the visa packet to the embassy for can




Just so you and others are aware that the Travel Agent thing is only extended till June 2013.  However here is a news article on the subject.  Also you do not get photos till you are at DFA so there is no need to print at home or elsewhere.  Travel Agent fills out the form and you go on your scheduled time.  Simple as a pimple.  

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Just so you and others are aware that the Travel Agent thing is only extended till June 2013.  

It was actually first set to take effect last September, but kept getting extended. The DFA's claim is that they are now so efficient and streamlined that it is an easy task at any DFA office, so there is no reason why would a travel would agent need to become involved. In one news article, they even claimed to have an office in Robinson's mall in Dumaguete, which they do not and never did have.


Anyone who has had any dealings with DFA knows they are anything BUT efficient and streamlined!


Hopefully they will never enforce this ludicrous ban on the travel agent processing option.

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