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Do you have enough money in case of an accident or become Sick?

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There are several dynamics in play here.  First your source of income and amount of discretionary income left over after each month expenses.  Second is how to set up a reserve fund that is ONLY for your health and immediate family members.  As I married later in life and was used to controlling my own money - by mutual agreement - I had my paycheck deposited to my account as usual and a set amount transferred to our joint account each month.  Then get a credit or debit card in your name ONLY for that account with a high limit.  This might result in your immediate death from your wife but it will also keep the problem of grandfathers carabao being sick or brother in law being glued back together by a witch doctor after too much san mig and a bike.  I do feel that the mind set of the west is not always compatible with the east as far as reserve cash goes.  How does this impact the case if YOU are in the hospital - well maybe a trusted NON family friend would have the pin on the card in case of such an emergency.  I say this as a good Canadian friend I used to work with in Manila at times had NO money in his pocket or would say I need to go home to get some money before we go to coffee.  His check was deposited into their joint account and he did NOT have the card or checkbook,  Wife gave him an allowance just like the kids.  I see the biggest problem for some is NOT the ability to put a little away each month as how to KEEP it ONLY for emergencies which are REAL immediate family ones.  Yes this goes against the Philippine way of doing things but some times it may be needed as your heart problems might be a higher priority that lolas new false teeth. 


I am sure this will cause some flames but such is life on the forum. 

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