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Deposit into Philippine Bank in order to get a Tourist Visa to the U.S.

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My filipina friend whose mother got her tourist visa gave my wife advice so that our Lola could come for a visit too.  It worked.  She went to her interview on the 24th and "passed".  They're now waiting for the visa to be delivered.


One of the things we were advised to do was to deposit 200,000PHP into a bank in my Lolas name.  I guess so that the Embassy could see she was financially solvent and eventually would return to the Philippines.


Now that the interview is over, can we use that money for something else?  Or does it have to stay in the bank?  I don't want the Embassy to 'change their minds'.


I was thinking about trying to get Lolo a tourist visa next... Can we open him an account and transfer the money over?  If we have to leave it where it is, that is fine, but if we don't then we'd like to use it.


Thanks if anybody knows... we're all ears.

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You can use it.


How old is lola?  Generally older ladies won't have nearly the hard time as a younger working age or marrying age girl would have as the interviewer won't suspect that she'll try to find a job and immigrate illegally.


Same is true for men, long as they aren't really working age they should be fine.  Owning a home/business is the best guarantee, having strong family ties here (children, spouse, etc) definately help too. 


Interviewers aren't stupid, you put an even amount of money into a new account they know it was opened by someone else solely for the interview, better to put a random value in an account thats been opened a long time, better to take bank records from several months so they know the account is active and long standing.


I've talked to an interviewer before, he told me anytime he see's a bank statement for 1 month he disregards it as evidence for 214b, but other documents may still allow him to grant the visa.

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Now that the interview is over, can we use that money for something else? Or does it have to stay in the bank?

Lola can do whatever she wants with it.


btw I would not advise anyone consider this a roadmap to a tourist visa.  Did the interviewer even know the account existed?  I would quite imagine her age had more to do with the visa than the account.

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age does make it easier .. my mother law had no deposits no real property in her name and she got a visa 10 year multiple entry

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I would have to agree with Skyman. Age and ties probably had more to do with it than any amount recently deposited in a bank account. The first thing an interviewer is going to look at is how long has this money been in the account. If it has not been there for long, it will quickly become obvious to him/her that it was deposited there specifically for the purpose of obtaining a tourist visa.


On the other hand, it would be better than not having any money to show at all!


As soon as the visa is issued, you can use it for something else, nobody is going to be watching the account balance.

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